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“ZendFramework” Technology


Our web studio for many years engaged in Zend framework, and there are several reasons (rather the advantages) that it has, and that we are now actually read it. Let’s get started.
1. The class inheritance
What is a framework PHP? This technology, which is a fully working environment, so is able to deliver a huge number of implementation concepts. This feature allows you to create a significant number of components with the Zend framework.
Developers can create their own implementation of unique variants of individual component types. With the presence of such opportunities, they can create unique features for their project. It is also worth noting that the PHP frameworks can be used when needed and in other existing projects.
2. Objective-oriented essence
Framework for the site is not a standalone object. Its advantage is that the code can be used repeatedly.
3. Has a big community-based knowledge base. This is the main and most valuable feature, which grants Zend framework 2 certainly a wide range of special and unique components already created.
4. There is no default implementation? Then you have the opportunity to create its own version!
To summarize …
In order to be able to keep the full balance must take into account several basic and important factors, among which are:
1. Quite tricky learning curve. Therefore, if you are an experienced developer of PHP, such as our experts, in this case, working with ZF won’t be a hassle. However, if you are new in this business, we can effectively and efficiently perform the work for you;
2. A wide range of solutions. Since the Zend framework has the presence of a large number of components, which significantly exceeds the sum a different kind of tools, you will be difficult confused at the start. However, our specialists can help you with anything regarding this technology.
Our company is always at your service and will help resolve any questions you may have related to Zend Framework!