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“WordPress” Technology


WordPress: what is it and why to use it.
WordPress – it is one of the world’s most popular content management systems (Content Management System or CMS). The main objective of this software – providing the user with tools to perform a wide variety of operations on the Web-site. To explain what WordPress, familiar enough with the basic functionality of the software.
This includes:

Content creation. Term “content” refers to site’s pages and absolutely everything that they may contain – text, photos, videos and any other multimedia information.

Content Management – the creation, storage, disposal, setting attributes, set the level of access and control, flow control, etc.
Publication and removal from publication in manual or automatic mode (time, in the order of appearance of more recent information, and other conditions);

Providing site users (both owners and visitors) tools for fast navigation and search for the desired information.

Is it possible to create a website on WordPress?
It is safe to say that WordPress was designed for this purpose. Moreover, to create a website on WordPress is much more simple task than using traditional tools. This refers to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and various programming languages ??that generate the HTML, performing various scenarios on the pages, and other problems (PHP, JavaScript, Python, etc.). Moreover, users also have tools to create your own website design by WordPress. Although, it should be noted that the basic build includes dozens of WordPress template designs.
From all this it follows that, by using this software to create a simple site and filling it with the necessary information to the user is not necessarily the knowledge of programming languages. But the key word here – “simple” because big sites (for example, an online store) still requires certain skills and knowledge.

Integration with other CMS
One of the key features of WordPress – it is possible to integrate it with other content management systems. Take, for example, Magento. This system is designed specifically to manage an online store. Any WordPress site may include, for example, a separate section, which will be managed by Magento system. Thus, the user will get even more tools for managing your site, having the opportunity to add to it all kinds of content and sell products / services via the built-in online store.
Is it just?
As mentioned above, the creation of large sites requires the user to not only certain skills with the system but also programming. If you intend to start your own business online or start any other WordPress project, you can seek help from our company «Planeta Web». Our experts will help you not only with creation, but also with the maintenance of the site, filling it with the desired content and performing any operations on it.