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“ModX” Technology


MODx is an open source CMS (content management system). Modx is a good substitute for more complex systems such as Drupal or REVO. CMS MODx is written in PHP and is completely free. This means that you can create MODx online store, pay for its development and start making money.
We’ve been engaged in the development of sites on Modx for a long time. We chose this system because of its unpretentiousness and the possibility of using the entire library of plug-ins. The system “out of the box” works with the most popular DBMS MySQL.
Due to the non-commercial focus of the project, in 2005, developers have decided to open MODx code and allow anyone to use it free of charge and modify the system to fit their needs. After a few years, there are two versions of MODx – Revolution and Evolution. The difference between the versions is important only to professionals.
With MODx, we can write virtually any site – online business card or large corporate site for you. However, development with MODx is not our only job. We can also accompany your site, engage in its promotion in the search engines and improve its SEO-component throughout all. We will also help you to understand all the intricacies of website management through MODx admin panel.
We offer the possibility to create a Modx website using ready-made templates or develop a unique and memorable design. Templates will help save time and money, but a good design will attract a lot more customers. Using MODx Evolution you can easily engage in website content yourself. You will be able to add products, edit their description and page structure.
MODx Revolution – a progressive rework of old MODx. Revolution can be used in difficult projects that need to be implemented to support multiple databases to solve problems associated with object-oriented programming, to deliver content filtering, or something else. Usually working with Revolution who know what they need and have plans for the future.
Those who follow the site’s security, no doubt like a secure architecture MODx. Filtering requests and constantly updated code will protect your database from SQL injections. Also in the MODx has a well-implemented feature to work with multilingual sites, which is a plus for large international companies.