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“Magento” Technology


What is Magento, and what is it for?
If you come to the idea of ??creating an online store or want to move your business into the internet, you will be interested to know how to create online stores. Surely, you have seen dozens of such web stores. Each of them is convenient and easy to handle. Just choose a product, add it to the cart and pay for your purchase.
However, for simplicity for the user lies hard work of developers. Then why are so many, you ask? The fact is that the modern online stores are not created manually. To date, developed dozens of programs that cover every need of an e-commerce project. One such program – Magento.
If you need to create an online store, our company “Planeta-web” can create a store based on “Magento” engine for you. Also, we can create a beautiful design with elaborate user experience, fill your website with content and optimize it for search engines.
Why Magento?
Magento – one of the content management systems, sharpened exclusively for online shopping. Here, the content refers to digital information – text, pictures, all kinds of media files (music, movies, etc.). Magento platform creates a base for web store with the ability to upload required information (in this case description, pictures of the goods, etc.).
However, none of the web stores can work properly without all sorts of functions. Developing an online store on the Magento necessarily includes the task of adding needed functions.
For example:
1. Basic functions, like product search, sorting, shopping cart, payment system connection, ability to register users.
2. Allow users to order the product, which is not in stock, and alert the buyer when it will be available for purchase.
3. The ability for buyers to rate and review a particular product or service.
Can you create a Magento online store by yourself?
At first glance, the development with Magento is easy. Yes, it’s easier than manually creating sites using various programming languages. However, the development of an online store on Magento requires a lot of certain skills and knowledge, as without them the creation of a workable and convenient for visitors store is a difficult task.
Company «Planeta Web» develops and maintains online stores on Magento for years, so we are very familiar with this CMS and are always ready to help you with this task. With us, you can order a full range of services. We guarantee that ordered Magento site will run smoothly and will be updated with latest technologies and methods of doing business online.