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“Drupal” Technology


You should be very careful about the selection of CMS when creating a site. Content management system greatly affects how easily you will be adding content to your site, create additional pages or change the structure of the site. In the beginning, we thought a lot about what CMS is the most promising and suitable for the development of web-sites and settled on Drupal commerce.
What is Drupal? This system, which since 2000, developed by a team of web developers and distributed free of charge. Drupal system is perfectly suited for the development of a wide variety of sites and pages, as well as web applications. Many people compare it with Linux, which has a plurality of distributions developed by community members. This approach allowed us to create a variety of modifications and assemblies suitable for different purposes.
Creating a site on Drupal – this is what we do best. We have been developing a variety of websites – news portals, business, online shops and forums. Drupal templates give the ability to quickly create a rough version of the site that the client was able to get acquainted with the functionality of the future page. Drupal is able to work with HTML5 and CSS3, so your website will look modern and beautiful.
Which sites can be created? The most famous sites on Drupal – Warner Brothers page, MTV, Ubuntu, and FeedEx. Their owners have chosen Drupal free system because it evaluated the effectiveness and modifiability for certain tasks.
Pure Drupal installation can almost nothing. To get the desired functionality, you must add the required modules, or by write the necessary functions. Fully use this opportunity can only real professionals in the development of sites – and we are among them.
While working with Drupal, we have learned a lot – to adapt the site to be shown on mobile devices that connect API from Google, YouTube and social networking sites and use the database. With Drupal, we can develop a website of any orientation, from a personal blog to heavy video hosting service.
Do not forget that sites created by Drupal, can easily be modified, expanded and completely redrawn. The core remains the same, but the functionality can be changed by simply selecting the appropriate modules. Drupal has quite low system requirements, so that a change in the format of the site should not affect its performance.