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“1С Bitrix” Technology


Creating sites on 1C Bitrix.
We are professional, aimed at high-quality result team of designers, front- and back-end developers, offering a full range of services to create sites for various purposes. In our work, we employ a large number of software tools, including powerful and one of the most secure content management systems right now 1C Bitrix. Surely, you have heard about the platform. And this is not surprising, because the Bitrix system featured in numerous publications and news reports on the Internet, on television and other media. If you decide to create your personal home page, a corporate website, or even entertainment portal on Bitrix, let’s face it, you are on the right track!
What is Bitrix?
Today fewer and fewer sites are being created and managed manually. For these purposes, CMS (Content Management System) are created. This software not only allows you to quickly create websites but also provides users with many tools for further management.
If we talk about CMS Bitrix, then all the features of this platform can be described like this:
Creating sites on 1C Bitrix – though seemingly simple procedure, but it requires special knowledge in the WEB-programming
All sites on Bitrix can be supplemented by dozens of ready-made modules, which will transform an ordinary page on the Internet into a powerful information portal, an interactive blog, online store, etc.
The platform provides the user with the whole set of tools that allows you to manage (add, delete, update and other operations) any content on the site – articles, photos, multimedia (movies, music, etc.), documents, etc.
When you first hear about Bitrix, then you should also be aware that there are several editions of this software. Each of the individual editions has its own set of tools and solutions used for its specific task. Here are the most popular:
1C Bitrix: Site Manager. Mainly used to create info portals, forums, blogs and other sites that involve a large number of different information.
1C Bitrix: Corporative Portal Edition is designed for the needs of large companies. There are tools to keep track of work, registered visitors, to automate a set of business processes, etc.
1C Bitrix: Online store. This edition is entirely devoted to doing business online. The platform includes tools for automatic monitoring of turnover, issuing statements about sales, enables the integration of the modules into the site of payment systems, and more.
Advantages of 1C Bitrix
In addition to the broad functionality of the Bitrix system (corporate portal, online store, site management, or other version) has several other advantages. This include:
The system is recognized as one of the most effective and safe today. We can confidently say that ordered Bitrix Site will not have any “holes”. You can not worry about leakage or data loss, unauthorized access or other problems.
High performance. Development sites on Bitrix, especially large ones, necessarily includes procedures to increase productivity. This is achieved in two ways – increasing capability of computers, where will be a website located or the introduction of “smart” software tools that reduce the load on the CPU. Bitrix provides all the software capabilities and our team knows how to use them.
Why us?
Company «Planeta-Web» has a wide experience in the creation and maintenance of the site for any purpose. If you have made a choice in favor of the establishment of a Bitrix online store, corporate, information, and entertainment, or any other site, we can guarantee you a quality result. Our company can also help you deal with all the subtleties of working with 1C Bitrix platform, so you can manage your site yourself in the future.
We work openly: the entire process – from the beginning of the creation of the site prior to its commissioning – you can and will control themselves. You only need information and suggestions, we take the rest on yourself!